The Aging Population and Hoarding


The Aging Population and Hoarding: How to Help Your Loved One with Hoarding Disorder


Hoarding is a disorder that afflicts people of any age, but it is nearly three times more likely to manifest in adults aged 55 to 94. As the population of people over 60 grows, which it has done for many years, the number of hoarding cases also rises.


To the caretakers of an older person with hoarding disorder, the solution seems simple: just throw everything away. Doing that without the person’s consent is a useless endeavor. Unless they are getting the help they need, they will just start hoarding again and will also suffer severe emotional distress at the sudden loss of their belongings.


Still, hoarding in Tucson can’t be ignored as it can create safety threats and other problems including:


·        Fall Risks


·        Fire Hazards


·        Potential Injuries from Falling Items


·        Pest Infestations


·        Social Isolation


·        And More


Helping a Loved One with Hoarding Disorder


The most important step in helping an aging hoarder is to get them the professional help they need. Keep in mind that hoarders typically have other mental health issues along with the hoarding disorder. That’s why trying to reason with them to “just clean up” isn’t helpful.


Common disorders among hoarders include:


·        Depression


·        Anxiety


·        OCD


·        ADHD


Not every hoarder lives in a home with items piled from floor to ceiling—but if the disorder remains untreated it can continue to escalate to that point. While hoarding ranges from mild to severe, if you can recognize the symptoms early, it will be easier to address and treat. Symptoms include:


·        Inability/Unwillingness to Throw Away Items that Seem to Have No Value


·        Anxiety When Trying to Throw Items Away


·        Inability to Organize Possessions


·        Feeling Embarrassed by the State of Their Home


·        Items Stored in Such a Way that it Results in a Loss of Living Space


·        Fighting with Anyone Who Tries to Remove Items


When you walk into a hoarder’s home, it’s easy to understand why you’d think cleaning up is the first order of business, but it’s not. The first step must be getting them help, so they can get to the place where they can let go of some of their possessions.


The Hoarding Cleanup


Once treatment has progressed to the point that cleanup is a possibility, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to even begin. The truth is that cleaning out a hoarder’s home is difficult and, in some cases, it can even be dangerous.


That’s why it’s best to hire professional help for a hoarding cleanup. Bio-One is a trusted Tucson hoarding cleanup specialist. Our compassionate, professional team has helped many people reclaim their homes from this condition.


We don’t just show up with shovels and start emptying the home. Instead, we work closely with the homeowner and the family from start to finish. The Bio-One team is committed to making our clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the process.


You trusted their treatment to the professionals, so trust the hoarding cleanup to professionals as well.


Contact Bio-One today at 520-771-5960 or for more information about our comprehensive cleanup services and to schedule a no-obligation consultation and accurate cost estimate.




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