The Problems

Clutter can impair healthy living 
  • Mobility
  • Cleaning
  • Sleeping
Hoarding can cause
  • Fires
  • Disease
  • Vermin and Infestation
  • Risk of injury by tripping over possessions

hoarding clean upTHE SITUATION

Shame and guilt are also part of this condition. Hoarders and their families tend to stay at home, not invite people in and hide the condition from relatives and well-wishers. But the situation has to be dealt with or it can lead to very dire consequences.


Cleaning up after hoarders can be a hazardous chore. Hoarders find it very hard to part with their possessions and while dealing with a family member it can cause frictions that will last for many years to come.

Clearing a hoarder’s place is also a hazardous undertaking because of the mold, decay and rot that is found under layers of stuff. The fungus spore can get into the cleaner’s lungs and cause everlasting damage.

When it comes to hoarding cleanup and clutter removal, it is sometimes unbelievable how many trucks of garbage one house or property can contain. 


Allowing the most professional company in Arizona it for you will ensure that no clutter is left behind for sentimental reasons, that everything is cleared, bagged properly, transported and disposed of in a specialized manner, befitting the hazardous material it is. Bio-One makes sure the employees and the environment are properly protected.