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Covid Disinfection for Small Businesses

Disinfecting From Covid-19 For Small Business Owners



The importance of COVID Disinfection for Small Businesses Looking to Reopen Safely


Small business entrepreneurs are used to setting objectives and also solving economic problems at the micro-level. The global pandemic due to COVID-19 has forced several small businesses into an unenviable position where they need to decide when and how to reopen their businesses safely while working through the state and local regulations surrounding reopening.  Many times the solutions are not a clear path for many local business owners to answer.  In an effort to keep their customers, locations, and employees safe small business owners are working to follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, state, and local regulations.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) developed a helpful decision tree with which small businesses can solve their overall problems. 

Key Tips 

  • If you plan to reopen small businesses, maintain social distancing guidelines in your workplace. 
  • Encourage customers and workers to use disinfectrs and wash hands frequently. 
  • Disinfect and clean all the touched surfaces frequently, at least once every day. Do it more frequently in areas of high-traffic. 
  • Provide enough PPE (personal protective equipment) to your employees and develop a policy addressing appropriate guidelines. 
  • You may employ the policy of WFH or work from home, treating all your employees fairly. 

It is smart to have your place of business disinfected.  Bio-One of Tucson provides Covid-19 Disinfection services in which the location of your business can be fogged with CDC approved chemicals which kill the Coronavirus on contact.  This allows the disinfection of every touched surface.   Additionally once on site the technicians will provide additional measures to light switches, handles, doorknobs, keyboards, tables, desks, remote controls, toilets along with handles, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, POS (point of sale) or cash registers, phones and other equipment.  Once the treatment is completed you will be provided with a certificate of disinfection in which you can display at your place of business to let your customers and employees know how much you value their health and safety. 



Call Bio-One of Tucson today at 520-771-5960 to schedule your Covid-19 disinfection service. We operate 24 hours a day and we have the ability of flexible service outside of regular business hours to help you maintain your regular service hours as not to impede your business.