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Homeless Encampments and Covid-19

Cleaning Up Homeless Encampments and Covid-19

SEP 10, 2020


With ongoing global pandemic, the homeless encampments and concerns surrounding COVID-19  have turned into a complex and a large issue for all major cities, including Tucson.


As our city looks to clean up homeless encampment sites in our current pandemic environment one would find many additional factors surrounding the number of people living without shelter.  Keeping up with an adequate health and hygiene system in the community, the importance of cleaning up homeless encampments from debris and COVID disinfection has taken a whole new level of necessity.  Due to the nature of homeless encampments whether enclosed or outdoors, the lack of running water, hand-washing capabilities, and increase exposure to confined spaces and transient camp members can pose for fertile ground for infections to spread. 


Without access to sanitation services, trash services or even water services, the camps are already in a vulnerable stage. As a result, the outbreak highlights the hygiene and sanitation concerns for those living there, and those that are commissioned to assist in the sanitation of those areas. 


The conditions of unmanaged homeless encampments and COVID infection promote the spread of this deadly virus. Additionally, unsafe environments and structures create their own hazards. Being in the midst of a global pandemic, homeless encampments pose a substantial risk to the spreading of and exposure to biohazards. Some of the major threats through homeless encampment are:


     Bloodborne Pathogens include hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and others.

     Biohazards as well as health dangers due to solid waste.

     Rodents as rats can carry another lethal virus, hantavirus resulting in failure of the kidney.


However, now another crucial element is the cleanup of homeless encampments from contaminated debris and the need for COVID disinfection services. Be it couple tents at a lane or homeless dwelling space, cleaning up with the right professionals and equipment is a must to deal with toxic matter to help ensure the safety of the members of the community living there, and those members of the community that may come in contact with those living there. 


Bio-One of Tucson is honored to have been selected by the City of Tucson to assist in the clean-up and disinfection efforts of the City of Tucson for several homeless encampments throughout the city during this pandemic, and we will continue to do so.  This is additional proof that the City of Tucson is working hard to keep the safety of all community members at the forefront.  Offering professionalism with the utmost kindness and respect at any time of need, Bio-One of Tucson is proud to be a contributing member to our Tucson Community.