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How to Vet your Trauma Clean-Up Service Company

What to Ask When Looking for Trauma Clean-Up Services

Misfortune strikes when a person least expects it. The tragedy can shake one to the core, and added stress of having to clean up after an unattended death can seem insurrmountable. Whether one is a commercial property owner or private homeowner, being prepared for the unexpected can help save time, money, and stress in case of a tragedy.


We have penned down a few qualities to look for while you search for the most professional and compassionate biohazard scene clean-up company.




Things to consider before finalizing a trauma clean-up company


1.    Certification

Trauma clean service certifications and licensing vary by state. While you look for a company to assist you in making sure that you handle a biohazardous scene correctly you first want to verify that the company you choose are legally certified to do the job. To remove any prospective health hazards, and to protect the health of all involved, complying with government standards is a must.


2.    Expertise, Training & Professionalism

Professional training and expertise are critical elements while you make a choice.  A trauma clean-up is not the time to try to take matters into your own hands. For the safety of yourself and others trauma remediation requires professional help. Choosing one with professional training and expertise for all of their field technicians helps protect your health.


3.    Safety and Standards

The trauma clean-up company you choose should be a subject matter expert in biohazard cleaning.   As you interview potential companies for their services ask as many questions as you feel necessary to determine the company’s knowledge on safety and standards, ask about the whole remediation process from beginning to end, and ensure that they set clear expectations of the service you will receive.  Types of questions you can ask are, “What is your process for containment and disposal of biohazardous waste?” or “What can we do to eliminate the odor from the trauma scene?”  “Where do you dispose of your biohazardous waste, and are you licensed to transport it?”  “How much liability insurance do you carry as a company for your technicians while they are on-site at my property?”  Knowing the questions to ask ahead of time (we encourage you to print this page out and keep it in a safe place so that you don’t have to try to remember at an already stressful time on what to ask!)


4.    Testimonials and Customer References

While you are dealing with a tragedy, it is better to read a bit about others’ experiences with respect to the prospective company. Through this, you will be able to know the best in business in terms of training, professionalism, and expertise.  No one company is going to have all great reviews, even Disney World (the happiest place on Earth!) has negative reviews!  However, through reviews and references you can gather whether the collective whole of customer experiences has been positive or negative, and can also glean if there are additional questions you might like to get clarification on before retaining services.



Coping up with traumatic loss is not easy.  It is the reason that we at Bio-One of Tucson say that we hope we are the company that you never have to call.  However, if you find yourself in need of biohazardous clean-up services. When it comes to choosing compassionate certified technicians we hope to help you find a clear path.  For a free estimate of services please contact Bio-One of Tucson at (520) 771-5960 day or night.