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Mold and your Home

Mold and Your Home
Living in Arizona does not mean you don't have to worry about Mold

July 20, 2020 by Amanda Perkins 

With a naturally desert dry climate some Arizonians may not feel the need to worry about mold related damages and health concerns.  However, mold spores are around us everyday, and will increase as we enter monsoon months because the moisture in our climate will increase.  This is why it's important that you know how to respond if you encounter a mold issue.


What is Mold?


Mold is a microscopic spore which travels in the air, and plays a much needed role in nature to breakdown dead plants and trees.  However, when those airborne spores float into our homes and businesses it can cause damage to our property and endanger our health.

Although, we live and work in a naturally dry climate mold can still grow when we aren't keeping a close eye on areas where it can easily develop.  To help prevent a bigger problem make sure to keep an eye on any of the following:

*Roof leaks (Especially during peak Monsoon months)

*Improperly vented clothing dryers

*Any small dark spaces such as Crawl Spaces, attics, etc.

*Plumbing Leaks

*HVAC Leaks

*Cooking Steam

*Overuse of Humidifiers 

*Overwatering Plant beds or faulty soaker hoses

In order for mold to grow there must be three key elements present.  There has to be a food source for the mold.  This can be items such as leaves, wood, paper, and drywall.   The nutrient combined with the airborne mold spores will then need both a dark space with consistent moisture levels to begin the mold growth cycle.    This is why it is important to keep an eye on the above likely areas mold could infiltrate and develop. 

If you see a small area of mold you can dry the area within 24-48 hours and wipe the area down with detergent and water.  However, if you see a large area of mold and/or mold that is black in color, or mold that has grown inside of the walls, you will need to contact a professional mold remediation company such as Bio-One Tucson.

According to the EPA, mold can have dangerous impacts on your health if left without remediation.  These health concerns include but are not limited to severe allergies, asthma attacks, skin rashes, and other severe respiratory complaints.  It can even go as far as to digress into pneumonia. (Mayoclinic) In order to prevent the spread of mold in your home the EPA recommends a moisture level of 30-60% by reducing indoor humidity.

Dr. Michelle Neil-Sherwood of the Function Medical Institute advised that the 11 signs of possible mold related illness could be identified as:

1. Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Trouble Focusing & Headaches

2. Fatigue and Weakness

3. Unexplained Muscle Cramping, Aches and Pains in Joints, and Persistent Nerve Pain

4. Numbness and Tingling

5. Eye Problems (red eye/light sensitivity)

6. Asthma and Sinus problems (persistent cough/shortness of breath)

7. Tremors and Vertigo

8. Digestive issues (Diarrhea, Nausea, Abdominal Pain)

9. Metallic Taste in Mouth

10. Night Sweats

11.Excessive thirst/Increase in Urination

Dr. Neil-Sherwood advises that it can not only be the food we eat but also the air we breath that can make us sick. To learn more read her article here.

If you or anyone you know is needing help with mold remediation Bio-One of Tucson is here to help you.   Contact us at to schedule a free mold remediation estimate.