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Practical Guide: Dangers Of A DIY Hoarding Cleanup

Dangers of
DIY Hoarding Cleanup

November 4, 2019 by David Scott 


Dangers of a DIY Hoarding Cleanup


The television show Hoarders has shed light on an important issue, but it has also caused a serious and sad disorder to become a morbid fascination for many. In reality, those that suffer from hoarding or associated disorders need professional help—both to treat the causes for the behavior and with hoarding cleaning services that will make their homes safe and healthy.


Why DIY Hoarder Cleanup Isn’t a Good Idea


Family members and friends of a hoarder may want to help by trying to clean out the home. This is not a good idea for many reasons. First, hoarding isn’t just failure to clean. The hoarder needs help dealing with the issues that led to the hoarding. Without that, cleanup can be very traumatic and even serve to make the situation worse.


Once the therapist believes the person is ready for cleanup, it’s best to call on the help of professional trauma and hoarding cleaners. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that cleaning out a hoarder’s home can be dangerous.


Some of the things you may come across during hoarding cleanup include:


·        Human Waste


·        Blood


·        Animals


·        Broken Glass


·        Used Needles


·        Serious Insect Infestations


·        Mold and Mildew


·        Rotting Food


·        Structural Damage


·        And many other dangers


It’s for that reason that experts recommend those providing hoarding cleanup services don protective gear such as masks, respirators, heavy-duty, puncture-resistant gloves, and even biohazard suits.


General rule of a thumb: If a job requires the use of a biohazard suit, that’s a good indication it should be left to the professionals.


There can even be hidden hazards in mild hoarding situations.  Rather than taking chances, call on the proven Tucson area hoarder cleaning services of a reputable company like Bio-One. We provide professional, compassionate services, and our team has the training to do the job safely.


Contact us today for more information, to discuss your needs relating to hoarder cleaning services, and to schedule a consultation. We’ve helped many people start over after a hoarding situation, and we can do the same for you.


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