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Protect your Pets with Professional Parvo Sanitation

Protect your Pets
With Professional Parvo Sanitation

August 18, 2019 by David Scott  


Rachel had only had her puppy, Indie, for a few weeks when she noticed she wasn’t acting right. The usually always hungry pup refused to eat; he wasn’t even interested in his favorite treat. He was also lethargic, had diarrhea, and was vomiting.


After 24 hours with no improvement, Rachel took Indie to the vet where he was diagnosed with Parvo. Rachel had heard of parvo, but didn’t really know what it was—but she was about to find out. After two weeks in the doggy hospital, nearly $6,000 in vet’s bills, and a close call where the vet didn’t think Indie would make it through the night, the dog was finally able to come home.


While she was worried about Indie fighting for her life in the hospital, Rachel also had another concern: protecting her other pets from also catching parvo.


What Is Parvo


Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a very highly contagious viral disease of which there are two forms. The cardiac form is much less common. This type of CPV attacks the heart muscles of very young dogs, and usually leads to their death.


The other is the intestinal form which, unfortunately, is also often fatal. Symptoms include:


·        Severe Diarrhea that is Often Bloody and Very Foul Smelling


·        Extreme Lethargy


·        Refusing to Eat or Drink


·        Fever


·        Vomiting


·        Weight Loss


There is no cure for CPV, but intervention by a vet is a must in order to try and save the dog’s life. Even with treatment, some dogs will not survive.


Professional Parvo Disinfection Services


Rachel had another puppy at home, so she sent that puppy to board at a vet clinic to minimize the chances of her also getting the disease. She looked up as much as she could about disinfecting her home, but realized how daunting the task was since the parvo virus can survive in the home and the yard for up to one year.


What she didn’t know was that professional parvo sanitization services are available to help eliminate the virus from the home’s interior.


Bio-One offers these services at affordable prices, so you can protect the other pets in your home from this potentially life-threatening disease.


The Bio-One team responds quickly and provides thorough, effective services. We can also disinfect the car used to transport your pet to the vet.


Fortunately, Rachel’s other puppy didn’t contract CPV, but she would have had much greater peace of mind knowing that her home had been professionally disinfectd by professionals like those at Bio-One.


If your pet suffered from parvo, call us right away to get to work eliminating the virus from your home and car. Call today or fill out our online form now to get started.