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Thanksgiving a time to give thanks


A Time to Reflect & Give Thanks

November 27, 2020


Thanksgiving is a time where we gather together, break out the stretchy pants, and prepare to eat some holiday favorite foods. However, it is also a time that we pause to reflect on the past year and take intentional time to give thanks for the blessings that have been part of that time.  We, (David and Caroline Scott), purchased Bio-One of Tucson in July of 2019 and the inaugural year of opening our business brought a lot of learning, friendships, and growth.


When we opened our locally owned Biohazard and Trauma Clean up business in July of 2019 we had no way of knowing that half way through the first year of business that our community would be experiencing a pandemic along side the rest of the world.  We could not have anticipated the changes in business models and business leadership skills that would be needed to weather the market conditions.   However, even though we will celebrate with joy once this pandemic is over and no longer impacting our community, we also give thanks for it as it has brought knowledge and growth beyond measure in a short period of time. 


Caroline is especially thankful for the past year bringing the right people onto the team at Bio-One of Tucson. She stated, "it's the team that makes this business into what it is, and through them we have been able to provide quality service to the community of Tucson with exceptional customer service and response."  


David stated that he is also thankful for the support of his team, and this past year has also made him extremely grateful for the friendships and partnerships that he has made throughout the community with local police, fire, property management, and other small business professionals that have brought a sense of unity to the business.  He holds proud that Bio-One of Tucson embodies the principle of "Help First, Business Second."  Additionally, being able to serve the community through partnerships with the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation, and the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation have been highlights to which he has a profound sense of gratitude for being able to contribute to.


David and Caroline Scott do not take the success of their first year of business lightly.  They know the percentages of small businesses that fail in their first year, but believe that through the hard work invested by themselves, their team, and the welcoming of the Tucson community they have been able to see their dream of being small business owners become a reality. Coming from humble beginnings, they are grateful for the people that have called upon them this past year for service, to the clients that they have been able to help, and the many people who have referred them to others throughout the past year.


To be thankful by definition means to have a deep sense of gratitude and relief. To state that Bio-One of Tucson is thankful to be able to service the Tucson Community in some of their hardest times is an understatement.  It is a privilege to be called upon to when someone needs help with Trauma clean-up, hoarding, Coronavirus disinfection, and many other services we provide.  So with full hearts we say a big THANK YOU to the Tucson community for making our first year in business successful. We look forward to the next year, and the ability to continue to be able to make an even greater impact for our community.