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The Importance of Proper Post-Extermination Cleanup


The Importance of Proper Post-Extermination Cleanup

While it can be easy to think that your problems are over and done with after the exterminator comes to do their thing, in reality, it just means you’ve moved into step two of the process: cleanup. While many exterminators will clean up pest waste for you, this is not always the case, and if they do not, post-extermination cleanup is a must. Waste left behind by animals can be just as dangerous as the critters themselves in many cases, and proper post-extermination cleaning is essential.


Make sure to ask your exterminator about whether post-extermination cleanup will be necessary, and if so, to give you specifics on when and how certain areas should best be cleaned. Some areas may be able to be cleaned immediately after whatever pesticides the exterminator used are dry, and some may require you to wait for a while until you can safely clear them out. Some processes may require professional cleaners to safely handle.


If the removal of animal waste is ever going to be a requirement, however, do not attempt to handle the cleaning of the waste yourself. Without specialized equipment, cleaning supplies, and safety equipment, you could end up incredibly sick after accidentally ingesting something you shouldn’t have.

Types of Potential Post-Extermination Cleanup

There are two main types of cleanup that you will have to worry about when an exterminator is required: the cleaning of animal waste and other byproducts, and the cleanup of pesticides that were used in the extermination process once the extermination has been completed.

Animal Waste/Byproducts

Animal waste can carry many of the same diseases that the animals themselves carry and more. Aside from the simple ailments such as rabies, the bubonic plague, and simple food poisoning, dried-out animal feces can carry parasitic eggs and other nasty surprises that only make themselves known days or weeks after the animal defecates.


While your exterminator may have already taken care of this in a serviceable manner, another reason to go with a professional cleaning service is to neutralize any lingering odors or pheromones that may linger on after the exterminator has come and gone. These pheromones may be resistant to cursory cleaning, and if left intact, could lead to a brand new infestation, leaving you with yet more bills and an even bigger headache.

Pesticide Cleanup

Pesticides have been contentious in modern U.S. debates around food precisely because of the danger they can pose to humans. Because of the pesticides used in and around areas where house occupants live and eat, ensuring pesticides don’t linger long after they have to (and that they don’t come in contact with food or surfaces food may touch) is a good idea.


Often, this isn’t anything that will require expert help. That doesn’t make it any less important. Pesticides left unattended can make your loved ones or your pets incredibly ill. Talk to your exterminator when they finish up to get a sense of how long after extermination you need to leave these pesticides to settle before you can clean again. Often, you won’t need to wait for much longer than after these pesticides have dried to get to cleaning.

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Bio-One of Tucson’s top priority is to help treat any potential avenue for disease or emergency before it has a negative effect on you, your home, or your family. To that end, animal waste is an issue we take incredibly seriously. If you think you may be in need of our services, see our Rodent Droppings Cleanup Services page for more information, or to contact us about our services today!