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[#] Things You Didn't Know About Potential Dangers Of Blood Cleanup

Potential Dangers
Of Blood Cleanup

October 31, 2019 by DAVID SCOTT  


Blood cleanup is usually discussed as it pertains to a hospital or other public facility. There are very specific and highly regulated laws for such cleanup situations—and with good reason. The dangers of improper blood cleanup are very real.


For example:


·        Certain strains of E coli can survive for nearly four months on damp surfaces and for about four days on dry surfaces.


·        Norovirus can be transmitted by simply touching a contaminated surface, and the virus can survive for weeks.


·        MRSA, a dangerous, antibiotic-resistant Super Bug, can live for weeks outside of the body.


And the list goes on.


Failing to properly follow protocols or failing to don proper gear before beginning blood cleanup not only puts you at risk, but it poses a potential risk to anyone who enters a space where blood was not handled correctly.


Still Think You Want to Give DIY Blood Cleanup a Try?


You might change your mind when you see the extensive list of actions required to do it properly. While all of the same strict guidelines may not apply to your home, they are implemented in public spaces for a reason: to reduce the chances of infection being spread to the person doing the cleanup and to others through minute traces of blood left behind.


That means if you want to eliminate those risks in your home, you’ll need to follow similar protocols.


Instead of taking chances and doing it yourself, hire the professional services of Bio-One. Our highly trained, certified technicians follow all guidelines pertaining to blood spills and we dispose of all biohazard materials according to federal and state regulations.


Whether the blood in your home is from an unattended death, suicide, or other incident, you can count on Bio-One to provide thorough, compassionate, and affordable cleanup services.


Contact us for more information about our blood cleanup and other services or to schedule a free consultation. Call Bio-One today or fill out our online contact form now to get started.