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Tips For What To Do After The 1st Responders Leave? copy


Our Job Begins Where the First Responders’ Jobs End




Some think for one to be a great first responder that it’s more of a calling than it is a job. Imagine delivering tragic news to a broken-hearted family, talking a suicidal person from taking their own life, or working to save someone who has OD’d…and then being haunted forever when the efforts don’t work.


Those are a few of the many examples of the things that first responders do every day, but when it comes to helping a family try to move on after a tragedy that took place in their home, the first responders can’t do it all.


They can provide words of comfort and offer to send for the chaplain, but then they have to walk away to help the next person—and they leave behind a family to figure out how to deal with the physical mess left behind by a suicide, unattended death, or other situation.


Bio-One’s job begins where the first responders’ jobs end. We provide compassionate and thorough trauma and crime scene cleanup services throughout the Tucson area. Our services include:


·       Suicide/HomicideCleanup


·        Blood Spill Cleanup


·        Odor Removal


·        Decomposition/Undiscovered Death Cleanup


·        Medical Waste Disposal


·        Feces Urine Cleanup


·        And More


When the police move on and the coroner has done his job, we come in and do our part to restore your home to its pre-event condition.


We truly care about our customers, and we do our best to provide compassionate service and fast response times. Typically, we arrive within an hour, and most jobs are completed in just a few hours.


 When you call us—anytime, day or night—you don’t get a receptionist or a call center; you get the owner. That’s because we understand if you’re calling that you’re likely dealing with a very difficult situation, so we want to be there for you.


You won’t have to worry about discussing payments until after the work is done. Our first priority is restoring your home. The Bio-One team says it all the time: We hope you never need our services, but you can count on us to be here if you ever do.