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What to Do If Your Business Has Been Exposed to COVID-19

What to do if your business
Has been exposed to COVID-19

MAY 17, 2020 by DAVID SCOTT  



As much as we’ve all been hearing about COVID-19, the reality is that the majority of the population still hasn’t been exposed to it. In a period where the curve seems to be flattening, it may seem like you’re safe and sound. But never say never — the virus is still out there, and although we’ve done a relatively good job at preventing mass outbreaks, it’s still a known fact that people can carry COVID-19 without showing symptoms.


So, what happens if your business gets exposed to the virus? It’s a scary possibility, especially if you have people working for you who are at risk. Suppose you’ve had a client or employee come in during the last week and you’ve recently learned that your guest is a confirmed carrier — it’s impossible to know how much of your building has been contaminated, and it is undoubtedly tempting to give into panic. But don’t worry — if you haven’t caught it yet, there are still things you can do to protect yourself and your business.

GOOD: Retrace Everyone’s Steps

If you’ve been exposed to a confirmed carrier, it’s a good idea to recollect, as much as possible, where they were in your building, and where everyone else was. This isn’t always practical due to bad memory and other factors, but recollect to the best of your ability. If a guest or worker was confirmed positive after visiting you, it’s helpful to know exactly where they were, and who they had contact with. That way, you can avoid those areas of your building, and help keep at-risk family members in safer areas.

BETTER: Sanitize Your Building While Wearing Protective Gear

COVID-19 molecules can survive on surfaces for several days, depending on the object. Even if your business was exposed days ago, the virus could still be lingering in your building. If you want to eliminate the chances of infection, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean and disinfect everything you can. Please wear protective gloves and a CDC-compliant mask to protect yourself from infection, and exercise extreme caution. Please read OSHA's Standard regarding COVID-19 Disinfection at

BEST: Call for Professional COVID-19 Cleaning and Decontamination Services

While we highly recommend everyone to clean and disinfect their building as a preventative measure, it’s best to skip that step and call for professional decontamination instead if your business has verifiably been exposed. While it’s possible to clean the virus yourself, there’s a point where it can become too risky, especially if you or others are in at-risk brackets. Furthermore, some businesses are so big that you can’t really even do it by yourself in the first place.


Instead, call Bio-One Tucson for professional COVID-19 cleaning and decontamination services. We are uniquely equipped to clean and disinfect your entire commercial with no risk to our team members, due to our protective gear. If you know that your business has been exposed, this is by far the best option.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Decontamination Services

If you’re in Tucson or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Bio-One of Tucson for professional coronavirus cleaning and decontamination services. As a company that specializes in cleaning biohazardous materials, we’re well-versed in decontaminating virus-ridden areas, and we’re highly protected. While there are many cleaning companies this side of Arizona, none of them are as well-equipped to fight COVID-19 than we are. Contact us today to get started.