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3 Ways to Help your Community Today While practicing Social Distancing

3 Ways to Help Your Community Today during the Covid-19 Pandemic

July 28, 2020  By: Amanda Perkins


With all of us hunkering down at home practicing safe social distancing we may start to get a lil case of the grumps from being cooped up.  However, I have always found that giving always seems to help bring perspective and lighten the heart.  As leadership expert Robin Sharma says “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”  So here are three things that we can do today to help our Tucson Community.

Donate Blood or Plasma.  Right now more than ever is a great time to donate blood or plasma. Many hospitals are experiencing blood shortages due to COVID-19. When COVID-19 hit our communities, schools, churches, dentists, doctors and so many other businesses had to shut their doors. And do you know where a lot of blood drives take place? In those same places. Because of that, many blood drives have been canceled for the foreseeable future. Blood transfusions are needed for premature babies, women in labor, people with blood disorders, people who have experienced a trauma, and so many more things. Blood saves lives. Please consider donating or even sponsoring and putting on a blood drive. CSL Plasma center typically compensates about $70.00 per donation, however, you can now not only donate plasma, but you can also choose to donate the compensation you would have received to front line health care workers! That's a double whammy of giving for just a small bit out of your day!  There are 6 area locations you can donate plasma which you can access here.


What is also wonderful is that for those people who have contracted Covid-19 and recovered successfully and might be feeling at a loss on how to connect back with their community according to the American Red Cross they are a much needed asset.  Those that have successfully recovered from the Covid-19 virus have much needed antibodies that can attack the active virus in those struggling with severe cases of Covid-19.  To learn more about blood and plasma donation visit the American Red Cross for details.


Help take care of local animals. With the pandemic hitting hard on the economy many local animal shelters and rescue organizations are seeing a rise in the amount of animals that need help.  This Wednesday July 29, 2020 is #Woofdown Wednesday!  Where over 20 local restaurants have partnered with the Southern Arizona Humane Society to help raise funds to take care of our furry friends.  Dine-in, Take-out a meal tomorrow and feel good about the fact that you are helping our community at the same time!  Click the link above to find all participating restaurants!  Additionally, the Southern Arizona Humane Society is providing free pet food assistance every Sunday morning from 8am-10am.  Maybe take a Sunday morning to go grab some for a family you know in need, or an elderly neighbor that is having trouble getting out to get their own. 


Get Ready to Walk!  The Southern Arizona Aids Foundation has transitioned their annual benefit walk into a virtual event!  Register your team (registration opened on July 1st) and then take a video of your team walking anywhere and upload it October 12th-18th.  You can have fun with this! Make shirts for your team, make a fun playlist to walk too, find a great trail to hike and/or maybe bring it inside and do a crazy walk on treadmills.  Whether you are a team of one, a family, or an office this is a great way to give back while still practicing social distancing.  To register find more information here.


These are just 3 easy things we can do today to help the socially distanced person next to us.  As always, we at Bio-One of Tucson, are here to help with any Covid-19 disinfection needs, or any of the additional services we provide.  #TucsonTogether