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Bed Bugs are a Tough Kill

Bed Bugs Can Be Tough To Kill


At the size of an apple seed bed bugs are a small parasitic insect that bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans and animals to feed on their blood that require professional extermination.  Due to the small size of these parasites most people are unaware that they may have them in their home until they begin to notice the tell tale sign of the bed bug’s bites along on their skin. 


Bed bug bites appear small red in size with a darker red center, typically cause itching, and appear in a cluster or line.  Bed bugs can crawl as fast as a lady bug and and can easily transport themselves between floors or rooms.  This makes eradication of these insects in multi-family housing, apartments, or hotels a necessity.  These insects typically make their homes within mattresses, bed frames, bed springs, and in clutter on or around beds.  They can also be found behind peeling wallpaper, in carpeted areas, and in furniture. 


In the past many looked to professional pest control companies to kill off bed bugs using pesticides.  However, current research shows that pesticides along have become ineffective as bed bugs have developed resistance to pesticides.  This combined with their ability to multiply at a high rate have made eradicating bed bugs a tough task.


However, new technology and testing has determined that there is a better way to kill these harmful pests.  Bio-One of Tucson exterminates bed bugs using a heat extermination process. The infested space and surrounding walls are heated to a temperature above 125°F, killing all bed bugs and their eggs.  Bed bugs cannot become resistant to it, and heat waves get everywhere.


Bio-One of Tucson uses specialized equipment that is customized to the needs of each space. Our heating tools are designed specifically to spread, control, and monitor heat -getting it into hard to reach spaces inside walls and mattresses.  Depending upon the size of the space, it will take between 8-12 hours to heat the premises. It will be necessary to vacate the space during this time. Opposed to pesticides very minimal prep work is needed to prepare the home for this type of treatment.  Therefore, this has become a more effective and faster way for bed bugs to be killed and to prevent them from coming back.


If you or anyone you know is struggling with eradicating bed bugs from their home or business please give Bio-One of Tucson a call at 520-771-5960 for a free estimate for services, or visit us at