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Bio-One of Tucson decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Bio-One of Tucson Weekly Wrap-Up: April 25 - May 1, 2021

Bio-One Weekly Wrap-Up Summary of Biohazard Work

In Tucson, our Bio-One team answers the call to help our community and remediate a variety of scenes. From hoarding, crime scene cleaning, or simply giving back, we'd like to bring you into the Bio-One of Tucson world by sharing stories of the unique and important work we do.


Here is this week's Weekly Wrap-Up.

Community Involvement


Our community partners are some of the best organizations out there!  This week joined the Tucson Fire Departments Tucson Collaborative Community Care (TC-3) and the Tucson Medical Center Foundation to help a City of Tucson constituent clean their home of trash and clutter.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Week of April 25 - May 1, 2021 Wrap-Up


Our experienced and certified teams have been working non-stop this week providing top-notch service and remediating scenes with compassion and respect.


  • Hoard Clean Up - Our crews helped 2 clients declutter and organize their homes this week.  We're so thankful for our relationships with departments such as the Pima Council On Aging and the Arizona Department of Economic Security who contact us to help their clients.  Being able to help the elderly brings us so much joy.  We love helping clients start fresh!
    • We understand that discarding possessions can be a difficult decision, and we work closely with clients to meet their specific needs, consulting with them through the process to return their environment into one that is safe and comfortable.


  • Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal  - There was a steady need for medical and biohazardous waste pick up and disposal this week.  We continue our daily pick up of COVID-19 testing kit/PPE waste from various testing sites and we picked up 12 x 44 gallon bags full of waste from the Tucson Police Department's Evidence locations.
    • Bio-One technicians follow strict state guidelines for safely removing and disposing medical waste in Tucson Area, thus minimizing the risks associated with these bio-hazardous materials.


  • Crime Scene and Death Clean Up - Unfortunately, we were called to a crime scene clean up this week.  These jobs are never easy but we're happy to provide help to clean up 24/7.
    • Our professional crews are compassionate and discreet when working with families and clients and are available 24/7.
    • 95% of the time, when a traumatic event happens in your home, homeowners insurance will cover the clean up.  We take care of all of the insurance paperwork for our customers.


  • COVID-19 Disinfection - As usual, COVID-19 disinfection calls are always on our schedule.  This week we disinfected another COVID-19 testing site, we disinfected 5 company vehicles, and we disinfected a dispensary.  
    • Bio-One experts adhere to strict OSHA regulations and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance when safely cleaning and disinfecting businesses, residential properties, vehicles and other properties as needed from coronavirus (COVID-19).
    • Using and electrostatic sprayer, our proprietary chemical blend provides entire surface coverage for complete disinfection of all designated affected areas.  The process is safe and offers a more consistent application with no disruption to affected areas and leaves no residue. All disinfectants are OSHA, EPA, and CDC approved and compliant and can be sprayed on surfaces, papers, keyboards, phones, copiers and all other electronics and high touch areas without damage or concern.  Chemicals are animal and plant safe.


  • Odor Removal - This call was a fun one!  Our client called for an odor coming from his attic and wasn't sure if an animal possibly died in it.  One lucky team member got to crawl around in his attic to find what was causing the smell.  Fortunately, we didn't find anything decaying but we did treat the odor and left our customer happy to be able to take a deep breath in his home again. 
    • Our environmentally safe odor removal services can disinfect all areas affected by the odor and discard household or commercial items that may have been compromised—items like carpeting, flooring and drywall that are commonly the victims of smoke, water damage, urine, sewage and fuel spills. We safely can safely remove allergens that can result in respiratory health problems and allergies.


  • Homeless Encampment Cleanup - Every now and then, we'll get calls from City officials to help clean up what's left behind after a homeless encampment has been cleared.  We helped clear 3 encampments this week and one of our techs had a close encounter with a rattle snake! Yikes! Don't worry, our tech is fine - we always take precautions working in the desert but it just shows that our crews are trained to handle all situations they are faced with.
    • From an individual temporarily residing in a tent to large encampments in vacant buildings, these cleanups need to be handled by professionals equipped with proper training and personal protective equipment. Leave it to Bio-One, where our technicians are trained to safely remove and clean up contaminated items, and properly dispose of biohazards such as sharps needles. 


Bio-One Service Highlight - Mold Remediation

Water sources can quickly result in the mold infestation of homes and businesses, often within 48 hours. Bio-One technicians can quickly stop and remove the fungus that occurs naturally in areas subjected to humidity, condensation, water leaks and insufficient ventilation. Hiring a professional mold removal company in Tucson Area is critical. Inadequate removal of mold spores can lead to health risks that include respiratory complications, skin irritation and severe allergic reactions.


Using state-of-the-art safety equipment, Bio-One technicians properly contain areas infested with mold and discard any household or business items that have been highly contaminated, whether that entails tearing out and reconstructing areas or less thorough mold removal procedures.


Bio-One of Tucson specializes in all types of clean up including coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfection and cleaning, crime and trauma scene cleanup, hoarding removal, mold remediation, emergency decontamination, disinfection services and more in Tucson and the surrounding communities in the following counties: Pima County, Pinal County, Yuma County, Cochise County, Santa Cruz County, Graham County, and Greenlee County. 

The Bio-One business motto is Help First, Business Second.  We hope you never need to call us, but if you do, Bio-One is the only company you want to call. We are always available 24/7 and ready to help at a moment’s notice. Call Bio-One of Tucson today at (520) 462-6367 to schedule your service today.

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