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Mental health and the holidays 2020

Mental Health Awareness
during the holidays

December 2020


As we venture into the final month of 2020 many of us are releasing a well deserved sigh of gratitude for the year to be finished, but for many this holiday season can be a time of increased stress and anxiety.  Compound this with the added financial, emotional, and relationship stresses that have evolved from the pandemic of Covid-19 this is a time to be vigilant in our awareness of our own mental health, and those of our loved ones.


The period of time around the holidays are typically a time of high stress and anxiety for many.  Over 60% of adults report elevated levels of stress and anxiety during this period of time.  The pressures of holiday festivities that are supposed to bring joy can also be triggers for overwhelming emotion.  As such, we implore everyone to take measure of their mental health needs during this time, and work through them as needed.  As our line of business puts us front and center with the residual effects of what impacts families from depression and suicide we are special advocates to make sure that everyone is taking measure of their own mental health and those of their loved ones during this time.  Some particular things to take notice of are:


Self isolating behaviors.  If you are noticing that you are distancing yourself, or if a loved one is distancing themselves from others on a continued basis, this may be a sign to check in and ensure that they are doing alright.  Feeling lonely and isolated is at an all time high right now in our community as many do not have the ability to be surrounded by the family or friends that they would like to be.  However, there are measures we can take to connect.  Utilizing virtual communications through Zoom, Whatsapp, or other technologies can help us utilize both the senses of sight and sound to connect with our loved ones and feel less isolated.  Take this opportunity to host a virtual holiday gathering, or as an employee use this time to host a virtual appreciation event for your team.  Those that close to you want to feel connected, now more than ever. 


Acknowledge and give validation to the feelings that you are experiencing.  Just because it is the "happiest time of year" does not mean to you have to feel perpetually happy.  It is healthy to acknowledge and understand where our feelings are originating from, especially when they may lead down darker roads.  If you find yourself needing additional support, please reach out and talk to a licensed therapist or support line.  Many are now available via virtual communications to help talk through road blocks that may be erupting in your life.


Give yourself a pass on gift giving.  Many times the holidays are a time where we show our love through the act of giving gifts.  We tend to forget that there are other languages of love around this time of year.  Right now more than ever, many families are experiencing a tighter financial state than in years before.  Gifts do not have to be expensive to be meaningful.  Getting creative in your gift giving is not only a sign of how much you care for someone, but is also alleviates financial stressors on your checkbook.  Creating a gift that is uniquely from your singular talents, not only celebrates the unique joy that you bring to this world, but also communicates how much you care for the recipient.


Bio-One of Tucson is here to help if any family experiences the worst, however, it is our goal to make sure that we are the company that you never have to call.  For more information visit our website at  Our motto is "Help First, Business Second," and our community and the people that are part of it always come first.