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Thermal Bed Bug Remediation

Bed Bugs - Dangers And The Importance Of Remediating


Bed bugs are parasitic insects and are known for biting the exposed skin of sleeping humans as well as animals to feed on their blood.  They are wingless, reddish brown, and small.  Bed bugs usually reside in bed parts such as mattresses and objects near beds like picture frames and folded areas of furniture.  Having a serious bed bug infestations may affect your mental and physical health.


Don’t let their small size fool you!  Bed bugs may cause highly allergic reactions to your body if you do not take action to remediate them quickly and successfully.  Bed bugs may also cause secondary infections of the skin due to the reaction of their bite. Some skin infections caused by bed bugs may include lymphangitis, impetigo and ecthyma and mental health problems include anxiety may also accompany a bed bug infestation. Remediation in any case plays a key role to avoid health related issues. 


Professional Thermal Bedbug Remediation


Bio-One exterminates bed bugs using a heat extermination process. The infested space and surrounding walls are heated to a temperature above 125°F, killing all bed bugs and their eggs. No pesticides or other chemicals whatsoever will be used at any time.


Not only have pesticides become ineffective as bed bugs have developed resistance, but pesticides do not work without direct contact on insects. Compare this to heat: Bed bugs cannot become resistant to it, and heat waves get everywhere. Bio-One uses specialized equipment that is customized to the needs of each space. Our heating tools are designed specifically to spread, control, and monitor heat - getting it into hard-to-reach spaces inside walls and mattresses.


Thermal remediation is our preferred method because:

• Odor free

• Time sensitive and convenient, allowing for only one day of treatment

• Requires less preparation


How heat affects insects:

• 95–107.6°F Lower survival; prolonged developmental time; reduced egg production; insects seek cooler environment

• 107.7–113°F Death in less than a day

• 114–122°F Death in less than an hour, eggs become non-viable  

• 143.6°F Death in less than a minute


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