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Responding to Unattended Death

Responding to Unattended Death
What to remember when it matters

Jan 2021


Discovering an unattended death usually happens between loved ones or friends/neighbors. When this happens, it's both shocking and overwhelming. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, unattended death refers to a death that happens when no one is around. More often than not, the body remains undiscovered until several days or weeks have passed.

Usually, we hear news of unattended deaths of elderly people who lived alone and had no family members or acquaintances to check up on them regularly. Some unattended deaths turn out to be suicides or homicides.  You may feel like you need to move the body or cleanup the area. Coming into contact with decomposition is not a safe option if you're not properly trained to do so. 

Before acting on any of these natural responses we would urge you to take a breath and pause.  Although it may be tempting to move or clean items it is best to leave the scene undisturbed and to contact your local police department and/or coroners office to advise of what has occurred.  These officials will help you coordinate the removal of the body from the scene, however there may still be a need for additional cleaning after that has transpired.

Don't ever feel like you need to be the one to clean a death of a loved one. This can be an emotionally taxing task as well as dangerous if done incorrectly.  To clean up the scene of an unattended death quickly, and safely, make sure you hire experienced professionals. Bio-One of Tucson follows strict safety guidelines and use industry-best tools and equipment to dispose of biohazards at the site of an unattended death. They’ll disinfect the affected area and restore it to as close as it can back to its original condition Bio-One of Tucson is certified and trained to take care of this for you. We are discreet, thorough, and compassionate. All of our technicians are trained to ensure that you receive the highest degree of sanitization and care during this time so that you can focus your energy in working through this difficult time.

We are always available 24/7/365 Contact or 520-771-5960 if you have any questions on what steps should take you will always reach a live person to help provide you answers.