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Strange Odors and What They Can Mean


Strange Odors and What They Can Mean

Strange odors are a good sign that something is not quite right with your house. Whether you have a sewage backup, an animal infestation, a mold problem or an undiscovered death in your vicinity, a trademark stench can help point you in the right direction to see what’s going on. Even something more mundane like a stale, musky odor that just won’t go away can be annoying, and a good enough reason in and of itself to call an expert cleaning crew for help.

Common Smells that Could Point to a Problem

Some common smells and their causes can be found below. If the scent is long-term and you find it lingering in your home long after the source of the smell is gone, contact Bio-One Tucson today for information on our odor removal services. Years of experience and use of the best products around help us to ensure that we treat the odor at its source so you don’t have to deal with it any longer.


If you smell something that “smells like death,” chances are it could be. Undiscovered death, or the death of someone that goes under the radar for an extended period of time, is rare but certainly not unheard of. Especially if a neighbor has no family to check up on them, weeks or months could go by before the source of the odor is discovered. If the odor persists, checking with neighbors to see if the smell is bothering them as well could be a great way to see if they’re impacted as well or see if it’s localized to you.


If the scent is localized to you, it’s entirely possible that you have a pest or rodent infestation, and one of them passed away within your walls or under your floorboards. Consulting with an exterminator is a great way to confirm this suspicion, and set a plan in motion to get rid of the pests plaguing your place.

Dirty Dog

This is yet another telltale sign that you may have a pest problem. If you’ve washed and washed and washed your poor dog over the course of the past few weeks and it still smells like wet dog in your house long after he’s dried off, it’s quite likely that there’s another animal in the vicinity that’s causing the smell. An exterminator could help you solve your problem! Make sure to check our article on post-extermination cleanup if this is the route you take.


A fishy smell in your house may not have anything to do with your freezer — although it’s still certainly worth checking out. If nothing there is awry, it could instead be an overheated electrical outlet. Sometimes the plastic coatings on outlets or internal wiring can let off an unpleasant scent akin to fish that tell you that something is not working correctly. If you can isolate which of your electrical components is malfunctioning, an electrician should be able to help you swap out parts to eliminate the source of the smell.


If it’s not due to overheated electrical components, having an expert take a look at your air ducts could help isolate what the problem could be.


If you notice that part of your home smells stale and musky, it may be a sign of mold. Mold can be a significant problem to the health of both you and your home, and catching it early can stop a problematic invasion in its tracks. If you find that you’re in need of mold remediation, Bio-One Tucson’s crew is made up of experts that will go above and beyond to ensure that your mold problem is treated at its source, never to return. Get more information or contact us to request our services on our Mold Remediation service page.

Rotten Eggs

The scent of rotten eggs could speak to a natural gas leak or a sewage leak. If you’re smelling a sudden strong, prominent stink of rotten egg, get out of your house immediately and call 911 so they can send out someone to deal with the scent, and whatever may be causing it.


If the scent is more subtle, and only happens at random intervals, it’s likely a less serious issue, although it would still be a good idea to contact a plumber. You may have a leak in your plumbing, and getting it repaired before it becomes an issue will save you lots of time and money down the road.


Something smelling like sewage could point to a number of different issues. Before taking drastic measures, make sure first that the seal for your toilet is working properly. If the seals of your toilets are looking fine, it may be time to call the plumber. While there’s still the opportunity that it isn’t a problem of catastrophic proportions, the key to tackling the current odor before it settles is preventing whatever problem could be building up in your house’s pipes.


Make sure, first of all, that your house isn’t actually on fire. If it is, evacuate and call 911.


If everything is normal, but a smoky scent is still lingering around your house, check your fireplace and your chimney. Creosote, a byproduct of wood fires, can build up in chimneys and cause a smoky scent that can linger for days after the fire’s been put out. Long-term exposure to smoke can also cause a lingering smell in rooms exposed to smoke and could require deep cleaning to properly address.

Get Rid of Strange Odors Today

If your house is plagued by strange odors you just can’t get to go away, Bio-One of Tucson can help those in Tucson and the surrounding areas to get rid of the smell. Whether you’re plagued by any of the above scents or something entirely different, we can help you find what’s causing the odor and neutralize it, disposing of anything that may be contributing to the smell or that was irreparably damaged because of it.

For more information on our odor removal service or to get more information about our service today, visit our Odor Removal service page for further assistance!