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Why DIY Extreme Cleaning Isn’t Good Enough

Why Do It Yourself Cleaning
Isn't Good Enough

July 28, 2019 by David Scott 


Why DIY Extreme Cleaning Isn’t Good Enough


After the tragic mass shooting that took place in Virginia Beach that took place on May 31, 2019, the City paid a company $500,000 to clean up the aftermath of the incident that left 13 dead and 4 wounded.


While that staggering amount is a reminder of how horrific that shooting was, even a much smaller event requires professional cleaning services.


If a suicide, unattended death, or other tragedy takes place in your home, you may have the urge to start cleaning as soon as possible. You might even think that the space that needs cleaning isn’t in bad enough condition to require a professional clean up company—but you’d be wrong.


The Purpose of Biohazard and Post-Trauma Cleaning


The goal in this type of cleaning is to remove all biohazard materials, and that’s extremely difficult to accomplish with DIY cleaning. Body fluids and other matter can be difficult to see or can be hidden under flooring or in cracks and crevices.


While an untrained person could easily leave such matter behind, highly trained extreme cleaners will remove it all safely and thoroughly.


Speaking of safety, coming into contact with blood and other body fluids is a concern when considering a DIY cleanup. Just wearing a pair of rubber gloves isn’t enough to protect you from infection, hepatitis, and other blood borne illnesses.


Biohazard cleanup specialists don’t wear special suits because they think they look great in yellow; it’s because that’s what’s require to avoid contact with potentially dangerous fluids.


Safe, Effective Trauma Cleaning Services


Instead of taking chances with your safety and possibly leaving biohazard material behind, choose a qualified extreme cleaning company with the knowledge and experience to complete the job thoroughly and safely.


Bio-One is the Tucson area’s trusted choice for all types of extreme cleaning services. Benefits of working with us include:


·        We work with all major home insurance companies.


·        Insurance covers 95% of the work we do.


·        Our team provides compassionate, non-judgmental, and discreet services.


·        We offer competitive prices.


·        You can reach the owner directly 24/7.


·        We have the proper training, licenses, insurance to handle biohazard materials.


We hope you’ll never need our services, but we’re here for you if you do. Call Bio-One today at 520-771-5960 to learn more or fill out our online contact form now to get in touch.