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Digging Out of Hoarding

Digging Out of Hoarding

August 6, 2020 Amanda Perkins


Finding Help with Hoarding

When confronted with the reality of a hoarding situation many do not understand how a person living with the mental illness of hoarding can allow their environment to come to what it has.  It is our goal to shed some light on what hoarding is, and what factors are important when approaching someone who needs help in cleaning up their environment.


Dr. William C. Shiel Jr. advises that, "Pathological hoarding is the excessive hoarding of material goods, and is a condition that affects up to 40% of those suffering from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD)."  It can result in an extreme emotional attachment to personal goods that many would not deem of value and can ultimately manifest into an environment that is unsafe to continue to reside in for both those that are ill and their families.  It is this inability to give away personal items that overtime can result in uninhabitable living environments that need to be remediated by a certified company. 


When approaching the subject of cleaning up a hoarding environment, many that struggle with this disease are reluctant to reach out for help.  There can be a degree of shame and guilt with allowing outsiders to see what their environment has accumulated too.  However, many times the task of cleaning up the hoard can at the same time feel overwhelming and insurmountable.  It is for these reasons that many times hoarders continue to live in a tough situation without seeking help.  Bio-One of Tucson has committed to the service of helping these very people in our community.  We understand the potential dangers to health and well-being that continuing to reside in these environments pose, and we approach each client with the dignity and respect that they deserve as we help them get back to a safe living environment.


Many times, there can be underlying health concerns related to a hoard such as biomedical waste, or additional hazards that need to be disposed of in the proper manner by a certified company to keep in compliance with state and federal regulations.  It is important that the professional company that remediates the hoard is also certified to properly transport and dispose of biohazardous waste so that the liability of the homeowner is protected. 



When one needs to dig out of hoard it can be an extremely emotional process.  The team at Bio-One of Tucson is committed to our motto of, "Help First, Business Second."  In that we approach the person, the personal effects, and the residence with the respect and dignity they deserve to return their home back to the safe place it should be.  If you, or someone you know needs help with cleaning up a hoard please contact us at 520-771-5960 to schedule a free estimate of services.