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Protecting yourself from bloodborne pathogens

How To Protect Yourself from Blood Borne Pathogens


Every single one of us will have to deal with some sort of accident at one point in our lives because accidents happen. When an accident happens it helps to be educated and prepared on how to properly respond and safely clean-up the bodily fluids that come along with it.  However, different from putting a band aide on a small cut, when you encounter yourself in the presence of a large blood spill it is important to understand how to properly protect yourself while getting help to clean it up.

Blood is one of the most dangerous spills that you could encounter when cleaning up bodily fluids because it can transmit diseases and pathogens like HIV, hepatitis, and countless others.  Because it can be a very dangerous substance it's of great importance that you protect yourself when you're in a situation that requires a proper sanitization of where the blood spill occurred. 


Blood is considered a biohazardous waste and must be disposed of properly in biohazard approved containers and disposed of at a licensed biohazard disposal site. It is recommended to prohibit foot traffic to the area of the blood spill and to call a remediation specialist. The equipment you must have to protect yourself when cleaning up a blood spill includes personal protective equipment, gloves, buckets, mops, and the CDC approved cleaning agents.  

The procedures you need to follow for your safety is to take care of the spill as soon as possible using the equipment listed above. Due to the severity of risk and complicated remediation efforts most people look to professionals to help clean large blood spills.  It is important to ask your remediation company if they are certified in blood borne pathogens, and if they are licensed to carry and dispose of biohazardous waste. 

Blood spills can be dangerous to deal with, and that is why many in our Tucson community reach out to Bio-One of Tucson as we are extremely committed to helping anyone that is in need of quickly and safely removing blood spills. We stick to the motto "Help First, Business Second". If you need any help with blood spill cleanup contact us at 520-771-5960 and schedule a free estimate of our services.